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Dos & Dont's of Weight Loss

There are many things people do to lose weight. Some things people do when trying to lose weight is that they are not consistent in their meal and exercise programs. If you want to lose weight then you should take in as much calories that you are going to burn through out the day, and if you do not then that means that you have to work extra hard to burn those calories and fast.

Here are some items to add to your diet:

Fiber ~ There is fiber in vegetables, fruits and beans.

Raw vegetables ~ Any raw vegetables will do.

Berries ~ Berries are very important for you in your daily diet, you can put them in your salad, smoothy, or even if you cereal in the morning.

Nuts ~ You can have about a quarter cup of nuts a day. This includes pistachios, raw almonds or cashews, macadamia nuts, pecans, and brazil nuts. You can put nuts in your salad instead of croutons.

Protein ~ You should have some sort of protein at at least twice a week and try to avoid fried stuff.
Here are stuff that you should try your best to eliminate from your diet.

Pasta ~ Pasta is full of carbohydrate that your body does not need.

Most breads ~ The only bread that is considered to be good for you is the whole grain bread. If you must have bread, try to limit it to about one or two slices a day.

Commercial cereals ~ If you like eating cereal in the morning then try to get a box of cereal that has about five grams of sugar in it or less.

Sodas ~ ALL sodas are bad for you, diet or regular.

Packaged cookies, crackers, desserts, cakes and pies ~ If you eliminate these from you diet for a week, you will start to see that you are losing weight.

So in the long run if you are having trouble remember what is good and what is bad for your body, just remember that anything that tastes good is bad for you. Except fruits.






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Dos & Dont's of Weight Loss