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What is the low carbohydrate diet?

The low carbohydrate diet is also considered the high-fat/high protein weight loss program developed by Dr. Robert Atkins. This diet allows you go switch your metabolism to burn fat so that you can lose weight fast and keep off the weight. There are four different phases in the low carbohydrate diet and they are induction, on going weight loss, pre-maintenance, and weight maintenance. The induction phase introduces your body and switches your body to burn fat from carbohydrate in your body. The on going weight loss is the actual weight loss phase in the diet. The pre-maintenance phase transits your body from weight loss to maintaining your new weight. And weight maintenance will allow you to maintain your weight.

On the low carbohydrate diet some fruits are forbidden. But there are some fruits that you can have small amounts of like apples, peaches, and pears. Other stuff that is important to the low carbohydrate diet is ketosis. Ketosis is considered a metabolic that will help you with your weight loss when the body burns fat for fuel. If you do not have carbohydrate in your body, your body will burn fat. If you are a carbohydrate addict there is a supplement called L-Glutamine that will help you to stop craving carbohydrate. After starting the low carbohydrate diet you can also have snacks like celery and peanut butter.

Some people might ask why it took the low carbohydrate diet to become so popular. Well, the thing is that because people were so stuck to the food pyramid guide they tried to follow that and expect to become thin and healthy. Then after that there was a time when the markets became full of low fat food and people started eating those food not considering that most of the foods they were eating was full of carbohydrates. On the low carbohydrate diet you can have Splenda sugar, which is another name from sucralose. You can use Splenda in almost anything. You can even use it for baking since the heat does not melt Splenda.

Anyone can do the low carbohydrate diet, but if you are a diabetic then it is best to consult your doctor first before starting the program. Another thing you can not do while being on the low carbohydrate diet is that you can no drink alcohol. Alcohol will reduce your fat burning process so there for you can not lose weight. This is also true for beer also. Caffeine also affects your weight loss because it will affect your blood sugar levels in your body preventing you from losing weight. If you are a caffeine addict then it is advised that you slowly reduce your caffeine intake day by day.

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